Diamondback Harley-Davidson® Events Calendar

Diamondback Harley-Davidson® Events Calendar

Owning a Harley® isn't about having... it's about doing. It's about experiencing the world with every sense.

You may be a regular at Harley Davidson events, a seasoned rider, a new rider, or a non-rider completely new to the Harley Experience - everyone is welcome to come and have some fun the Harley way.

We have a range of social and Harley-Davidson® Group Rides events taking place at the dealership and in the local area and H.O.G.® group rides to the legendary Harley-Davidson® international rallies. See what's coming up, when our next Harley Davidson Bike Night is or speak to a member of the team and find out more and get involved.

We do not have any upcoming events at the dealership, please check back again soon.

The events that we have here in Harley-Davidson® Oklahoma tends to vary wildly depending on the season! While there might be an event that you can come to expect such as a Christmas event or other types of holidays, there are also events such as toy and food drives, or even trivia nights! All you have to do is look at our calendar to see what we have in store.

There’s no need to be so formal when it comes to Harley-Davidson® events. All you have to do is attend, and you’ll find yourself welcomed with open arms. Don’t worry about letting us know, as we’ll be expecting you either way!

For the most part, we do our best to ensure that things go exactly as planned in the calendar. If there are going to be changes, we tend to make sure that they are made long before the actual date to ensure that no-one gets confused. That said, you never know what might happen!

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